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Pratham Sopan Test Camp - It is decided to conduct Pratham Sopan test on 09/01/2010 saturday. All S/G of Pratham, Dwitiya, Tritiya and so on will attend the camp from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Celebration of Lard Badan Powell's Birth Day - We shall be celebrate Lord Badan Powell's Birth Day on 22/02/2011in our Vidyalaya in the morning assembly.

Teaching /Learning Programme - S/G deptt. needs some time for guiding S/G to prepare log book and to prepare for the camp.

Vidyalaya Level Camp on 26/09/2010 - A Vidyalaya level S/G camp is to be organised on 26/09/2010 for conducting Pravesh Test and prepration of Dwitiya Sopan S/G.

Rajya Puraskar Test - Three guides from our Vidyalaya attended Pre - Rajya Puraskar Test Camp at K. V. Khandwa from 21/07/2010 to 22/07/2010.


Tritiya Sopan Test - Tritiya Sopan tet Camps are to be organised from 09/08/2010 at K. V. No. 1, Bhoapl of Itarsi Scouts and K. V. CPE Itarsi for guides.

Dwitiya Sopan Test - Pre - Dwitiya Sopan test was conducted on 26/09/2010. Pravesh Test was also conducted for the new recruits 14 Scouts and 11 Guides took part in it.

Adventure Trip - Bhoj Adventure Fest 2011 was organised the M.P. Govt. from 05/01/2011 to 09/01/2011 our students of students XI A, B, C and S/G of IX & X went to attend the activities on 07/01/2011 at Kaliya Sot Dam. All children enjoyed Boating and 15 S/G of XI took part in Banana Ride and Para Sailing.

Vidyalaya Level Camp - It is proposed to conduct a Vidyalaya Level S/G camp on 27/02/2011. Pratham Sopan Test will be conducted for those S/G who have successfully done. The Camp was succsessful 18scouts and 28 Guides attended the camp.

Thumping Day - As the birthday of Baden Powell the founder of Scout movement, is celebrated as the Thumping Day. Our Vidyalaya will also celebrating it on 22/02/2011.



                                                                                       Mrs. Prem Sheela (TGT), Hindi


                                                                                    Mrs. Rakesh Sharma (TGT), Sanskrit