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Everyone dreams .I wish I had wings so that I can fly around the world. If wishes were houses,everyone can ride on tem and I am no exception to it.

If I had wings I would fly across the sky like a sky dark, how wonderful it would be! I would fly over green valley and deserts, look and rivers and mountains and oceans.

I would fly and visit all the big and beautiful cities of the world like Delhi, Washington, London and Tokyo. I would pluck the fresh fruits from the trees and eat them and drink from the overflowing streams.

If I had wings, I would enjoy life to the full.
                                                                                                Aviraj Mishra
                                                                                                VII ‘A’


I am under this big tree.
I have red on my shirt.
I have red on my hands.

Raju is under that tree.
His hands are clean.
His face is clean.
His shirt is clean.

Now,look at Raju.
He has red on his shirt.
He has red on his face.
He has red on his legs.

I am happy.
Raju is happy.
He likes Holi.

Wish you all a very Happy and Colourful HOLI.
                                                                                                                        Rubi Sharma
                                                                                                                        VII ‘B’



I want to become the poorest person,
I want to become the youngest person,
I want to become the innocent person,
I want to become a human.
            I want to face the problems,
            I want to do hard work,
            I want to face blame,
            That I am a human.
I want to help others,
Like a universal brother,
I want to share their sorrow,
Like a mother.
Because I am a human.
            I want to oppose corruption,
            I want to oppose injustice,
            I want to help my nation,
            Because I am a human.
Either I will be able or not,
It is a question,
Because in this world,
There are few real human.
                                                                                                Attendra Jha
                                                                                                XII B


When GOD created the earth and filled it with life, he bestowed a number of gifts on the living beings. He gave then food to satisfy their hunger, water to quench their thirst and shelter for protection. But to the infant who could neither seek nor obtain these on his own, God gave ‘MOTHER’. The body of the child is formed inside the mother from her own flesh and blood. She gives, birth to child and nourishes, protects and brings up the infant. It is said that since “God could not be everywhere ,He created ‘MOTHER’. The ancient Hindu religion worships God as Mother. The Bible celebrates the love of the Holy Mother Mary.  Kuran says that “Heaven lies beneath the feel of the Mother.”
                                                                                                     Monika Saurashtriya
                                                                                                            VII ‘C’